Q- What if I don’t know the exact treatment I need?

A- No worries! Simply book a “Consult visit” and your dentist will steer you in the right direction. Once you and your dentist agree on a treatment plan, your consult fee will automatically be credited toward that procedure.

Q- What happens if I book an appointment for one procedure but I end up needing a different one?

A- Again, no problem! If you come in thinking you need one treatment but end up needing a different one, the dentist simply charges for the new and different procedure. These prices can be viewed at any time on the providers profile page. This way you’ll always know what the fee will be and feel comfortable knowing you won’t be thrown any curveballs!

Q- Does Teether charge any fees for booking appointments?

A- Nope! Teether only collects a fee from the dental providers. Patient’s booking through Teether pay no additional charges.

Q- Can I request a refund for my dental work?

A- All transaction concerns are dealt directly with the dental providers. Teether connects patients to local providers and helps collect patient fees for the providers. Ultimately it’s the dental providers that treat and bill their patients. Any refunds would be given by the dental offices themselves.